Alcohol Recycling System Questions

Q. How does the ARS work? 

The ARS recycles your dirty alcohol by allowing the dirty alcohol to run through the cartridge into the clean recycled container. The ARS removes the stains, dyes and cellular debris, returning the same volume and concentration of alcohol that was put through it. The ARS requires very little space, no electricity (only gravity), and little tech time to operate. 

Q. How many times can I re-use the recycled alcohol? 

You will check the recycled alcohol's concentration with the hydrometer we provide you, to determine the specific gravity (percentage value) of the alcohol. If the alcohol is within the proper range, it can be used indefinitely. 

Q. What types of alcohol can be used with this system? 

Virtually any type of alcohol can be used. Each concentration will have its own ARS; example: one ARS for 100% and an additional ARS for 95%. This situation can be simply accommodated to meet your specific needs.