Formalin Recycling System Questions

Q. How does the FRS work? 

The FRS recycles your dirty tissue processor formalin by removing residual material as the formalin runs through the cartridge, returning formalin that is ready to go back into the processor. 

Q. What type of formalin can be used? 

Any type of buffered Phosphate or Zinc formalin, as well as alcoholic formalin from the tissue processor can be used on the system. However, each type of formalin requires its own system. 

Q. Does the recycled formalin need to be 'rebuffered'? 

If you are recycling 10% neutral buffered formalin, the FRS will give you back clean 10% neutral buffered formalin. However the formalin and pH should be checked with an assay kit that we can provide.