Formalin Recycling Systems (FRS)

The purpose of the Formalin Recycling System (FRS) is to recycle formalin without removing the buffered salts or altering the formalin concentration. Simply pour in dirty 10% Neutral Buffered Formalin in the top and get back clean recycled 10% Neutral Buffered Formalin at the same volume, concentration and pH at the bottom of the Formalin Recycling System.

  • Are guaranteed to save your lab money, time, energy, and effort all while helping your community's environment.
  • Are safe, simple, and easy to use, all while requiring very little lab space.
  • Run on gravity, can be used anywhere, no electricity or heating of formalin required.
  • Are customizable to meet your specific lab needs.
  • Also recycles alcoholic and zinc formalin.
  • Recycle dirty formalin with no capital outlay.
  • Recycled product is the same concentration, pH, and volume of formalin recycled through the system.
  • Sizes: Benchtop - 14"x14"x21", 1 Gallon ~ 1 Sq/Ft, 3 Gallon - 22"x22"x55"
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