Xylene Recycling Pads (XRP)

Xylene Recycling Pads

The goal fo the Xylene Recycling Pads (XRP) is to allow extended use of your xylene.  The XRPs help to remove stains, dyes, alcohol, and water from xylene and xylene substitutes.  The XRPs were designed to be reusable and long lasting. Simply remove the XRP from the xylene, and lay it under your hood to dry overnight. Place the second set of Xylene Recycling Pads in your xylene and repeat these steps. The XRPs work on the stain line while specimens are being processed. The XRPs are available for all brands and styles of automated and hand staining systems.

  • Guaranteed to save money, time, energy, and effort in your lab all while helping out your community's environment.
  • Safe, simple and easy to use, and requires very little lab space.
  • Customized to meet your specific lab needs.

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